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About Me


I began my higher education at Mitchell Community College.  Receiving a two year degree in Accounting and Business Administration.  While working at JC Penny and Funder America, I continued as a full time student at Gardner-Webb University in their 2 + 2 higher education program to receive a bachelor's degree.  After graduation and working in the private sector for four years I pursued my MBA from Gardner-Webb University graduating in August of 1998.  I continued my education by supplementing technology courses at Gardner-Webb University, ECU and UNC-Greensboro.  Most of my 17 years of teaching has focused in the software application area.

Expectations of students:

Student success is related to attendance, preparedness for class, disciplined behavior and attentiveness in class. There are several policies regarding this located in the RCCC Handbook.  You may need to refer to them. For example,  the withdraw date has one date for a 8 week class and another for a 16 week.  I understand some of the classes and subject matter may not be interesting to all students, however, respect in the classroom is an attribute that is expected and which will allow each student to have an equal acceptance in the classroom. I expect chapters to be read ahead of the discussion and participation in class. I do realize not everyone likes to talk in front of other students,  but I try to have many "types" of activities which will give you some areas to really shine.  I want this to be opportunity to be as bright as possible to enhance your educational opportunities that will arise while you are here at RCCC.  We have several avenues for help here at RCCC, or we can meet one on one. Each student will be held accountable for their assigned work and in the growth of their soft skills as we progress through the semester. 

We have advising committees that meet at least once a year.  These are companies that had or are presently employing RCCC students.  The one request we constantly receive from these companies is the need in the area of time management. Apparently when the "student" is asked to turn in information by a certain day/time it is not received by that time which causes "the company" to assume the "student" doesn't have respect for the position.  I am trying to help with this by issuing a due date for homework/assignments/labs/test. I am not saying that events will not occur, but being prepared and managing your time will help out with the stress that this will cause you or your fellow students (employees.  


Yon. If you do not have a computer or Internet access at home there are other places to visit. Like the ICLC here on North and South campus, the public library or a friend who has a computer or even Internet access to complete your work.  Since you are taking a computer class it is expected that you will be completing some assignments outside of class so be prepared with computer access.   Do not wait until 11th hour to send work or to begin.  If you do come to me and say you have had some type of an issue and the work is not ready to turn in, I will give you some options to see how prepared you are at that point.  This will determine the extension on the assignment (if any) you will receive. 

A sense of belonging and value is expected in the classroom. I hope to make each class fun and creative so the academic area is not mundane. I like to play games in the course of the class and to keep the atmosphere light. Each student is an individual and will be treated with the respect everyone deserves. I also will expect that same respect in the classroom during lecture time. The use of playing on the computer/texting/engaging in conversation that could prohibit your neighbor from hearing any part of the lecture will not be tolerated during class time.  I do encourage you to find a "buddy" in class so if you are absent, you can also contact them for information completed in class.  If you miss a test as stated in syllabus you have one week from the day of the test to make it up. 


Every class will be different in the form of the delivery method and expectations.  This biggest point to take away is yes you will learn the course content, but developing those soft skills will be an even bigger accomplishment. An example that I would like to leave you with on this section is think about a spaghetti noodle.  How easily can it by itself be broken?  What if you put 5 spaghetti noodles together it is a little tougher to break them.  Think about this class and you could have 20-25 spaghetti noodles.  Look at the strength we could have as a class if we joined and shared information and helped out each other.  How strong will "you" be by the end of the semester.   

I will be teaching the following subject matters:

1- How to work in groups
2- How to discipline yourself in multi-tasking
3- How to troubleshoot
4- Learning to find information for yourself

5- The subject area of the course

Another expectation employers requested of the RCCC graduates was the ability to find pertinent information.  I or any instructor in any subject matter will not always be available so teaching you this skill is my goal.  One item you can always count on in any computer area is change.  Knowing how to find out about the new printer or digital camera features will take knowledge.  You must learn how to pinpoint specific information from all the data available.  Learning to excel in gathering and disseminating information in crucial.

My hope for the next few weeks is that we all will excel.  No one knows everything and we could all learn something from each other.  My wish is that you take this opportunity and learn as much as you can.

Jackie Allen