Below are videos that I have found or created to help with the topics.

Video Description
Belarc (download) This is a program that you can download and it gives you a lot of information about your computer system
Belarc (run) After you download the computer watch this video to know how to use the program
Biometrics This is a video that discusses how biometrics work
Bit/Byte This is a video that discusses what is a bit/byte
CD This shows how your computer reads a CD
Driverless Car This is a video that shows you how a car can now be without a driver
Email How does email work?

Intel Future

This discusses how Intel is changing the way of the CPU

Mouse How does a mouse work?
Nanotechnology What is nanotechnology
Static Electricity What causes that spark?
Virus What is a computer virus?
Windshield Wipers How do windshield wipers work?
Web Cam Discusses the many ways you can use the video camera